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he's trying to teach you how to become a real fucking man, to whom women would be attracted.

He's teaching you how to change who you are into something better.yeah, I've read it - not the best advice but if you got a lot of money to spend on the subject there is some limited useful advice there.

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I'm trying to read david deangelo's double your dating. So he wrote that book to blow up the concept and make $$$Eventually people realized cocky/funny is a form of push/pull.

was looking for an actual book, but all i can seem to find is an ebook. Which is basically showing interest without coming across desperate. In 2017, if you got your inner game down - you're fun and not needy and own your sexuality, you do this naturally. I hate that I know this much about PUA stuff EDIT 1: My opinion - if you're looking for resources, go read stuff by Mark Manson or Chase Amante EDIT 2: Chase Amante's take on cocky / funny PUA history is actually incredibly interesting to me, there's no books on it or anything so sadly the only posts I see about it are on this subreddit by /u/Throwaway PUA.

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