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“My favorite people to work with are 50 and over,” said Denys Crea, 62, vice president of the Pairings Group, a relationship and matchmaking agency.

Crea specializes in dating re-entry and coaching online daters, male and female.

She helps them select a site that suits their personality, guides them in evaluating dating candidates and then offers post-date analysis. Think about the qualities you’re looking for and really read the profiles to see if they have them.” Crea says the one consistent deal-breaker for everyone looking for love (or some facsimile of it) should be dishonesty from a potential match. They’re looking for a romantic partner,” Crea said.

“You have to treat this like a business,” Crea insists. She tells her clients to lead with their own authenticity. “They’re adults and they can look over someone’s accomplishments and choices and see what they’ve done with their lives.” Navigating midlife dating, relationships and romance is the subject of the Done Being Single podcast and internet radio show.

But when you throw a hefty price tag into the mix, online dating can feel even more difficult. affordability — it doesn’t have to be one or the other.But if you switch up the text and add new pictures, site algorithms will likely reward you by sharing your profile to new and different eyes. This is also an excellent time to post your freshened profile. When you use your real name, a quick Google search can reveal your address, property you own, professional information and more. When you don’t feel a connection, be frank and don’t waste your time — or theirs.Kevyn Burger is a freelance feature writer and broadcast producer.“People would not be dating without [online dating]; it’s not easy to meet eligible people. “There’s so much selection that it can paralyze you or leave you dissatisfied, feeling like no matter who you choose, there might be someone better out there that you’re missing.” The Scharfs advise daters to switch up their game to make successful cyber connections.“They have to learn how to flirt in a two-dimensional medium, using the way they write instead of eye contact,” Robby said.

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The chemistry between the pair, both of whom had been divorced, was immediate.

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