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Our kids are safer than we think, and more competent, too.

They deserve a chance to stretch and grow and do what we did — stay out till the street lights come on.

As if they couldn’t possibly walk a couple of blocks, or make their own lunch or climb a tree without hurting themselves, or struggling too much. They’re kids who are expected to WANT to grow up and do things on their own.

Kissing and nibbling the neck is perfectly acceptable when snogging and is the reason for the term ‘necking’.

Return to top A Free-Range Kid is a kid who gets treated as a smart, young, capable individual, not an invalid who needs constant attention and help.

For instance, in the suburbs, many school PTAs have figured out a new way to raise money (God bless ’em): They auction off the prime drop-off spot right in front of the school — the shortest distance between car and door.

In 2008, I let my then-9-year-old ride the subway by himself.

He’d been asking us — my husband and me — to please take him someplace and let him find his way home by himself. Our boy knows how to read a map, he speaks the language and we’re New Yorkers. That’s how it came to be that one sunny Sunday, after lunch at Mc Donald’s, I took him to Bloomingdales — and left him in the handbag department. I gave him a map, a Metro Card, quarters for the phone and for emergencies. And if he needed to ask someone for directions — which it turns out he did — I even believed the person would not think, “Gee, I was about to go home with my nice, new Bloomingdale’s shirt.

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When you think about it, putting your lips onto someone else’s lips and moving them around is an odd thing to do, but, when you do it right, it can be a wonderful experience.