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It could be as simple as sipping coffee from a local vendor or dining extravagantly in a five star lounge. The common tendencies amongst ‘smart ‘women is to take the guys for ride by making them walk their dogs and pay their bills in exchange of kisses and cuddles.

If you expect to be loved and respected by him give him the share of love and respect that he deserves for which snuggling won’t be enough.

Moreover gifts are always taken in open arms by couples who are in long distance relationships. India has always taken pride in being a male dominant society.

Yes, a few decades back, the very mention of dating used to bring a scowl on faces but now Indians have embraced this western trend to quite an extent. More than 60% of the marriages in India are “arranged” by the families of couples and have evolved as strong bonds both beautiful and bountiful.

The first date is a celebration in itself of the completion of one such level.

The ideal first date in India is to catch up for a Bollywood movie but you could try something new. It’s good to be ‘the lady’ in your story but do not take your partner for granted.

Also through his taste in music and movies you can get to know him better.

The first love is always special and so is the first date.

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Here are the 15 tips every Indian man with hopes of dating Indian women should know about.

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