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It’s a low pressure, high enjoyment way to unwind and express friendship.Many guys (often erroneously), think that spending time with a woman means giving up this kind of fun, which is why they’ll say that things get “too serious.” So, if you can inject a little teasing into your relationship with a man, he’ll see that you’re not like the other women he’s known, and it will amplify his attraction for you.Again, this sounds old fashioned, but it’s true; sometimes, parents have an instinct about these things!

Notice how he responds to you and what it does for the level of attraction in your relationship.Go bowling with the gang; go to a movie with a few other people; attend a local sports event; play mini golf; or have fun riding go-karts as a group.Going out with friends puts less pressure on you and your date and helps to avoid awkward moments between you two.I’m willing to bet you’ll have a lot of fun trying it, and you might even discover a part of yourself you’d like to bring out more often.For more specific tips on how to create a deep level of attraction that will make a man literally stop in his tracks and wonder how in the world he ended up wanting to be so close to a woman, subscribe to Christian’s .

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If he or she has a criminal record, then you know you shouldn’t even think about a date.