Dating south east asia waters speed dating

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Dating south east asia

It’s true in the sense that Asian countries tend to be either Muslim (Pakistan, Indonesia) or Confucianist.

Both traditions are against public displays of affection and sexual interest – so women do act modestly in public. They want to fuck – and they’re into some naughty things that’d make a liberal American chick blush. Visit Asia, bang some local chick and experience a different sex life.

None of it is insurmountable, and a little patience and effort will go a long way. Respect for parents and older people, avoidance of confrontation, and maintaining face whilst helping others to maintain theirs are the main driving factors.

So, there will be none of that garbage on this site!

In my opinion, Southeast Asian girls and society are a much better fit for any red-blooded male that is growing tired of the endless political correctness and feminist rhetoric that intrudes upon daily life in the west.

You might assume that the language barrier is the biggest problem, but many Asian girls have got a decent grasp of English, and most of the others can easily find an interpreter to help out if need be.

Effective communication (not the same as language) is the key and that is where most Westerners fall short in their efforts; you don’t need to speak the local language and you don’t need your girl to speak English fluently (although a basic grasp of English is obviously a help), what you do need is some help to understand how Asian girls think and feel.

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The existence of the pay for pleasure industry in this part of the world is well documented, and you are probably aware that if anyone back home becomes aware of your travels to places like Thailand, they will commonly assume that you will be liaising with ladies of the night.