Dating someone with schizoid personality disorder

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Dating someone with schizoid personality disorder

Very good sign is that he said that he wants to love you and have intimacy with you, I think he deeply cares about you, but looks like you've already somehow given up. He says that he wants to love me and have intimacy with me, but that he is incapable of feeling extreme emotions.

I hope you aren't wanting something shallow like him being completely obsessed with you and his heart full of just you and all that crap, because honestly that fades with time and in the end you become just partners that have mutual caring for each other.People with Schizoid personality disorder are indifferent to society.They tend to be lifelong loners who come across as emotionally flat, cold or distant.In case you're wishing for him to change, most likely he won't, either because he is not able to, or because he doesn't want to.Therapy might help with it, but it may drag on for years.

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They tend to be reclusive, preferring solitary activities to social ones.