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During my nights out, one of the common thing I observed is that in most of these pubs/bar, people always come in groups.

And in almost all cases, it'll be a Finnish group (of men and women) and then it seems really rude and difficult to talk to any of them.

Finns normally go to the bar to either get drunk or pick up someone (or both).

Most Finns dont go to bars to "meet someone" for an interesting conversation. As others have said, try tinder or some other form of social networking.

In NYC bars, it has never been difficult to find women to talk to (and whatever comes there after...:-)). Is there are any particular area or bars/pubs which are preferred by single people?

Or is there some alternative way of approaching the Finnish groups? My apologies for the lengthy post, but from my experience so far, I think it's time to bring in some fresh thinking... If you have a smartphone I suggest you download tinder.

Of course its not impossible, but you are much more likely to be dismissed by some arrogant pretty girl than if you were a handsome, sun-kissed Mediterranean, for example.

I know quite a few indians and shri-lankans here and they often lament how Finnish women apply some kind of stigma to them (asian men also).

English is obviously quite popular and after a few weeks you'll probably made a few friends and, who knows, even find yourself a date.Meeting girls are not limited to just bars and nightclubs...You can meet them anywhere shop, ur own office, shopping mall, bus, others...Mostly they end up dating inside their own social circle (finnish and indian culture is pretty incompatible for relationships). Read Double Your Dating by David De Angelo and Encyclopedia of Seduction by Guiseppe Notte (Also Mystery Method book helps but the routines provided for beginners are quite american humor, finnish girls with finglish may not get it)You should approach groups.If all else fails, you sound like an interesting guy, so just sit next to someone and say hi. It's all about confidence, why would a girl all dressed up and pretty go home with you if you can't even talk to her friends without trying to catch a girl alone? By reading books, goin out and practicing talking to women in real life for a few months; you will develop your game and be able to pick up women anywhere anytime.

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Its indeed hard for a girl to trust a foreigner here and offcourse culture and they feel more easy to meet someone from the same culture.

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