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Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of the blogging software Word Press, keeps an apartment in Houston, his hometown, to get away from the East and West coasts.He's one of the most influential people in the tech world.In both middle and high school, he took private sax lessons from jazz musician and band leader David Caceres."I remember him being a very happy kid, always had a smile on his face, kind of like the way he is now," Caceres said.His stereo played jazz as he reflected on how Houston shaped his life and career.

A recent New York Times feature, "Dating Profiles of High-Tech, High-Worth Bachelors," described Mullenweg as "a boyish blond with snowboarder stubble." But his high school friends don't see him as a high-roller.

Rumor has it that while in high school he developed an online forum that enabled students to talk about their teachers anonymously.

Asked if the rumor is true, he said, "Allegedly," and laughed.

The younger Mullenweg grew up in the Meyer Park area.

While he was at Johnston, his father took him to meetings of the Houston Area League of PC Users to hear guest speakers.

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One night he stopped by Fox Hollow in the Heights to watch fellow grad Major Crooner sing.

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