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Of course, it will not be exactly the same as a Super Reverb, seeing as how there are other items that are not the same—such as the output transformer and rectifier—but it should be very close.

In order to get the most out of your new acquisition, there is one other item I’d recommend checking: the speakers.

Some schematics list this cap as either a 220 p F or a 330 p F, but you’ll want to remove whatever the existing cap is and replace it with a 120 p F ceramic cap.

Remove these and replace them each with a 1M (meg) resistor.Also, an added benefit of this particular amp over a Super Reverb is that you can definitely run a signal to both the Normal and Studio channels and blend them.This is possible because both channels in this amp are in phase, as opposed to those in the Super Reverb (and most other blackface and silverface Fender amps), which are out of phase due to the additional reverb circuit on the second channel.I’m glad the column is helping you in your quest for the Holy Grail of tone.Speaking of the Holy Grail of tone, you actually have in your possession a very good candidate for modification.

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I usually run two cables (left and right) from my pedalboard—one to each of the amp’s channels. Am I wasting my time futzing with the tone controls when I should be saving up to replace the speakers again? Having played semi-pro (usually got paid, though never made a living at it) for the last 43 years, I’ve played through many old amps of various flavors.

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