Dating divorced dad ex

Posted by / 16-Oct-2020 22:46

Dating divorced dad ex

We will remain friends and communicate often - primarily over kid/family related issues.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!It's a matter of whether you are mentally and emotionally ready to be dating and learned from what went wrong in your marriage.I suspect you have not when you say it was "her actions" that led to the divorce.I'm 35 now and have two young kids - about to be age 7 and 4. Without going into detail, I will say that it was my soon to be ex's actions that led to our divorce.With that said, I have put my ego aside and have been moving forward as amicably as possible. Although I'm worried sick about the impact of divorce on my children (not being able to read & tuck them in each night kind of burns my soul), I feel I have definitely gotten over any romantic feelings I had for my soon to be ex.

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This is all new to me and has me anxious - both good and bad. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice/responses.