Dating deluxe reverb amp

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Dating deluxe reverb amp

The added control was inserted in the #2 input jacks hole, and is thus easily reversible.

The second mod is the addition of a pentode/triode switch, labeled as full and half power.

The mod takes only a few minutes and is just as easy to totally reverse should you want it back to bone stock. Here is the mod, just add the one jumper and lift a leg on the cap rather than removing it altogether to make it more easily reversible.

But all pedigree aside, this is the best sounding Deluxe Reverb I’ve ever laid ears on.

This control was added using the external speaker chassis hole, and is thus also easily reversible.

I would have never expected this addition to be as pleasing as it is; the truth is that it really makes the Deluxe sound positively delicious at bedroom-soft volume levels.

Probably no other amps influences are as widespread.From your great-grandpa freshly back from WWII and learning those swingin’ big band chords all the way up to that 12-year old noodler that calls you Dad, never before has a single amp influenced so many.Maybe I’m biased; after all at the tender age of about 13 I received my first amp, a brown Fender Deluxe Amp!At any rate, it is in fact a speaker with what I would term a downright itty-bitty magnet and an equally small voice-coil, which looks to be one inch to me. The pentode-triode mod is particularly interesting. I'm looking forward to learning your recommendation on a replacement speaker for the Deluxe Reverb.From tweed to late silver-face, this is the most diminutive speaker I’ve ever seen in a Deluxe, and it’s the best sounding (stock) speaker I’ve ever heard, too. So now, my challenge: to find a nice healthy new replacement speaker that sounds just as sweet as the totally magical stock speaker (which will be lovingly boxed and properly stored to maintain its magic and the amps vintage value). Next week we will take this journey together right here on this blog. My "outside" site recomendation for this week is an easy one ... The WGS speakers I've heard in other amps have sounded great, at both low and high volume, so I am very interested in one for my Delxue Reverb.

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By every imaginable yard-stick, the Fender "Deluxe" is one of the most popular musical instrument amplifiers of all time.