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Dating a recovered meth addict

During this stage, low self-esteem and diseased thinking make infatuation much more common than genuine caring and intimacy.Any time a particular person or relationship becomes attractive, it is important to ask, “Could this attraction be rooted in my addictive behaviors or underlying issues? ” Early recovery is a time for rigorous honesty and introspection.All of these behaviors may be indicative of underlying issues, including low self-esteem, unresolved trauma (such as childhood sexual abuse), and sex and love addiction.Many people relate to some of the symptoms of sex or love addiction, but do not recognize it as a problem in their lives.Until your new coping mechanisms are solidly in place, relapse may follow every time a relationship doesn’t end well.Equally problematic is the fact that it’s just as easy to become addicted to the “high” of a new relationship or sexual partner as it is to drugs or alcohol.Sex is a natural, healthy part of relationships, but it is also a major cause of relapse among the newly sober.For some, unhealthy sexual behaviors and relationship patterns are cross-addictions that fully emerge once drugs and alcohol are out of the picture.

In addition, the relationships formed in these places are likely “hook-ups” (casual, and perhaps risky, sexual encounters) rather than genuine connections, which can become addictive in and of themselves.In many cases, these relationships are not only distracting and dysfunctional, but they also put both partners at increased risk of relapse. Promiscuity, Affairs or Risky Sexual Behavior If your therapist recommends sexual abstinence for at least the first 90 days of sobriety and you feel like all air has escaped the room, you may be struggling with an underlying love or sex addiction.An inability to be alone, feeling worthless or unloved when not in a relationship, or a sudden drop in self-esteem brought on by having fewer sexual partners can all point to a deeper issue.Take the first year in recovery to focus on nonsexual relationships with yourself, your therapist, and supportive friends and family and save romantic relationships for a time when you’re fully grounded in your recovery. Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places Bars, clubs and parties are a favorite place to meet potential partners.For those in early recovery, these are not the best places for finding love for obvious reasons.

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Addiction and promiscuity often go hand in hand, and each can be a trigger for the other.

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  1. Since that never happens to me (and because it made me feel like a bouncy, shiny-haired cheerleader for the first time ever), I pushed myself to accept all the offers. If awful dates, which your friends seem to be able to turn into funny anecdotes on a dime, seem catastrophic to you, that’s okay too. And while we’re on the subject of dating fears, it’s okay if you want to cancel.