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After her spirit power was sealed, the dress under her raincoat is the one she is wearing now, adding a hat with a ribbon attach to it and still holding Yoshinon, her puppet.Yoshinon is a mischievous white rabbit puppet that Yoshino always holds in her left hand.Zadkiel's second form appears to be its true form, this form also resembles Yoshinon but is even larger than when Yoshinon becomes Zadkiel.

The next time they met, Yoshino fell under attack from the AST and ran away.Yoshino is currently practicing with the help from Ratatoskr how to speak for herself, or to be more precise, how to speak without the aid of Yoshinon.Yoshino has the appearance of a young girl, at about 13 to 14 years of age, with blue eyes and hair, wearing a light-blue short dress and outside, wearing a large green raincoat with a pair of rabbit-ear hood, holding a rabbit puppet, Yoshinon, in her left hand.Yoshino je druhým Duchem, se kterým se Shidou setkává, ale ze všech Duchů/Spirits tím nejspíše nejméně nebezpečným, protože nechce nikoho zabít, ani nikomu ublížit.Při boji používá nejčastěji Zadkiela, který má podobu obrovského, bílého a zubatého králíka s jedním červeným okem a druhým zakrytým páskou, nad kterým však někdy ztrácí kontrolu.

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It is also said that Yoshino created Yoshinon in order to restrain herself from hurting humans.

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