Corbin bleu dating history

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Bleu played "Chad Danforth" in the Emmy award-winning Disney Channel original movie High School Musical (2006), and reprised the role in the sequels High School Musical 2 (2007) and High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008).He guest starred as Johnny Collins in the premiere episode of Disney's Hannah Montana. , premiered on January 12, 2007, and has since become one of the highest-rated Disney Channel original movies.Bleu graduated from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.He trained in dancing In 1996 Bleu's family relocated to Los Angeles, and he soon gained a recurring role on the TV series High Incident and a guest star appearance on ER.In his second year, he played the lead role of Ren in the musical "Footloose" and the role of Sonny in the musical "Grease".That same year Corbin won Theatre Student of the Year.Template: Citation needed In the summer of 2004 Corbin became a part of the ensemble cast for the new Discovery Kids television series Flight 29 Down as Nathan Mc Hugh, alongside Allen Alvarado and Hallee Hirsh and Lauren Storm, a drama series about a group of teens stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash.He also had a small role as Spencer on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, appearing in the episodes entitled Guide to: The School Play and Guide to: Revenge & School Records.

But as long as the camera’s going to add weight, he’ll do what it takes to fight back.

Landers has been working with Bleu since the actor was 18 and one of the stars of Disney’s . “I was about 170, and dropped down to 156.” Their workouts brought his body fat down low enough to make him look lean, but not yet shredded. Most of that is vital, including three-quarters of your brain. Which means it’s pretty much risk-free for an actor whose performance includes rolling around in bed with an actress.

For that, Landers resorted to the bath, a trick he used when trying to make weight for powerlifting competitions. The heat of the water has an obvious purpose: to make you sweat like a day laborer in August. Since the salt concentration is greater in the bath, water travels out from the skin into the water to help dilute it.

The bath includes three to four bags of Epson salt, dissolved in water as hot as you can tolerate. I was singing and trying to focus on the song and not the fact my skin was scalding. Some bath aficionados add a makeup remover called Albolene, which they rub on their skin before the plunge. Your guess is as good as mine.) Of course the goal of training is to get as close as possible to camera-ready condition without dehydration.

Then you add four to six 16-ounce bottles of rubbing alcohol. Stepping out of the bath, just from the heat, it almost felt like I was drunk.” The next morning, he was down to 149 pounds—a seven-pound drop, literally overnight. For that, Landers says, he develops maximum strength with exercises likes squats, presses, and deadlifts.

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Bleu’s next shirtless scene should come on , assuming he isn’t voted off the show in the opening rounds.