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Being famous is definitely not easy because these individuals are not able to do a lot of things that us normal people can do — and that includes dating.

Dating is made even more difficult for people who are living their life in the public eye, and the added pressure of having someone watch your every move definitely seems to make it harder to maintain a healthy relationship.

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac, met their wives at their concerts, which Zac revealed during an interview with .

This is the point on our list where millions of women are going to be made incredibly happy, because one of the world’s most stylish and talented men is open to dating someone who is a fan.

I remember I invited a fan to a movie, and we just made out the entire time. I must have been 16 or so." Kanye West is a famous guy, who could probably have his pick from millions of females, but in this case, it wasn’t the rapper who dated a fan but the other way around. They fall for the lady on-screen.” She continued, “Face it, I don’t wake up looking like Beyoncé. Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie (who is almost 20 years younger) have been married since 2007, and they are rumored to have met at one of his shows.

Yes, I am talking about Kim Kardashian, who her now-husband Kanye was crazy for long before they started dating in 2012. She was clearly a fan of his if she was at his show, but that feeling was mutual within seconds.

But not all do, and below are 15 celebs who are totally open to dating their fans.

In 2017, John Travolta and Kelly Preston reportedly made the shocking decision to split, after a 26-year marriage (which is long for anyone, but an eternity in Hollywood terms).

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She even stated that they would be getting married, although he didn’t know it yet.