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In season two, he picked Ambre Lake but broke up with her as well.Taya Parker won in the third season, Rock of Love Bus, but they are no longer together. Brett never even saw Taya for 3 month after the who was filmed.I wasn’t that keen on it at first but figured I would give it a shot. Reality Did you know who Bret Michaels was? I also never expected to like him but I ended up falling in love with him. Reality What did you think about your competition? My friendship with Taya strained, I am not sure who she really is. Reality So are you not staying in touch with Taya? Our date went so well, it was like hanging with buddy that you are hot for! Reality Were you surprised when you were eliminated? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I was surprised that I was eliminated. For more Rock of Love Bus Links visit Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ Returns with Season 7 Premiere October 7 Season 9 of ‘Total Divas’ Premieres October 2 on E! I thought it was like a circus there and I figured there were going to be a lot of fights.A very explicit sexual tape recorded by the couple appeared in The year 1998.After a judicial litigation she managed to prohibit the distribution of the tape.Then in the first season of “Rock of Love”, Michaels fell in love with Jess Rickleff but unfortunately things did not work with this beautiful blonde so he became entangled with Ambre Lake.The singer remained submerged in “reality shows” trying to get his ideal partner.

Mindy a merchandiser and buyer from Cincinnati, Ohio talked with Reality about her experiences on the show. Reality How did you end up on Rock of Love Bus? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I didn’t seek it out actually, a casting director came up to me and talked to me about the show. Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I listened to him in high school but I didn’t own a CD of his, but got one before I went on the show. Reality Are you attracted to rock stars? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I have never dated a rock star and never thought I would. It took me a lot longer to open up to him compared to the other girls but I wanted to make sure. Reality So do you stay in touch with some of the girls from the show? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I still talk to some of the girls, Jamie, Beverly, Sam and Marcy. Though it is hard to be on a reality show, I just tried to be me and didn’t do anything that wasn’t me. Reality What was your favorite time on the show? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: Probably the final date with Bret.

brought a hilarious take to dating competition series.

This time around, Poison lead singer Bret Michaels had his pick of over 50 women over the span of three seasons.

She also acted in 2003 in the music video for Bret “Raine”.

The singer’s well-known girlfriends add up to 26, including the very famous Pamela Anderson, who performed in the popular series Bay Watch and was Playmate of the Month for Playboy magazine in February 1990.

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Catch up with some of the most memorable ladies from the show above!

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