Blackberry appointments not updating google calendar

Posted by / 15-Jan-2021 05:53

Blackberry appointments not updating google calendar

The contacts sync resulted in a deletion of most of my records from my computer’s addressbook, but strangely they did get ported over to my Blackberry.

The experience caused me to immediately disable the contacts sync and start looking for alternate solutions.

To be clear, I need the information from a calendar on an Exchange server to actually list itself as a calendar on a Gmail account so that it can be synced from Gmail to a phone.

This means that sharing the calendar isn't going to work, as the Exchange account would still be the owner of the calendar.

It allows you to select from your available outlook & google calendars to pick which ones you want to sync, along with which calendar should act as the "master" calendar.

You might need to find the appropriate menus on your Android if these instructions do not exactly match your device menu.

Your phone will now retrieve your calendar entries from the Exchange server.

Google Calendar Sync has existed for some time for your computer, but now there is also a mobile sync.

With this application you can completely sync your Blackberry and Google Calendar, instead of just receiving SMS-based reminders of important appointments.

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Read the Knowledge Base article Setting Up Active Sync On Android Devices for more information.

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