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""Jeff Gibbson" is the only one I had further communication with, and he returned the expected stock response, poorly articulated, terrible syntax, and full of unnecessary blather:-J.In 2017 my Website was migrated to the clouds and reduced in size. One thing to try if a www link is broken is to substitute faculty for www For example a broken link Top 10 Scams of 2016 --- https://

The AICPA shares members' concerns about the impact of identity theft and offers the resources below to help them learn more about this issue and advise clients.

Verschoor, Accounting Web, March 18, 2013 --- Bob Jensen's Fraud Updates are at 809 Area Code Scam --- C's Global Economic Crime Survey --- Car and City Tax Rip Offs Hotel Heists: Beware of nuisance hotel fees Academic Conferences that Rip Off Colleges: Do you really want to participate in these frauds?

Product Labeling Fraud (Including Food, Vitamin, and Gas Mileage Frauds) Free Lunch, Dinner, and/or Night in a Post Resort Charity Frauds and Fraud Reporting Protect Yourself From Pretexting Identity (ID) Theft Prevention and Reporting Lax Government Agency Oversight Nigerian Email and Mail Fraud Labor Union Corruption Free Fraud Alert Services Online (Internet) Frauds, Consumer Frauds, and Credit Card Scams Social Networking Dangers Diamond Rating Scams Computer Security --- Also see Section Investor Protection Trust --- This site provides teaching materials.

If you get an emergency request from a grandchild don't fall for it immediately unless you are 100% certain that the call is genuine.

You can ask a grandchild a question that a scammer cannot answer such as what did we do together during our most recent visit.

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