Bc rich ironbird dating dating in archaeology radiocarbon tree ring dating

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Bc rich ironbird dating

Around 1972, Bernie and an employee named Bob Hall started developing a model they called the Seagull (which has no connection to the Godin Guitars acoustic brand).

It was the company’s first production electric guitar.

Because they didn’t have an adjustable truss rod, the guitars were often brought in later to have the fretboard removed and a truss rod installed.

Although these early guitars were reportedly rated higher than new Martins at the time, they had some minor issues.

These limited edition models are considered to represent the last of the true BC Rich guitars. But, I do remember that it was when I was in Japan and saw that there were 3 companies in the Nagoya area making Rico guitars. Rich’s origin can be traced to Bernardo’s Guitar Shop at 2716 Brooklyn Avenue, in Los Angeles.These issues were quickly addressed without question, and problem instruments were repaired or replaced even many years past the one-year warranty.Rutube hosts both licensed content and user uploads, and the vast majority of all uploads are in Russian.This high percentage of Russian content makes Rutube an incredibly valuable resource for anyone trying to learn the language.

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The original run of the acrylic models featured a standard bolt-on maple neck with wood headstock, but later models featured an acrylic headstock, matching the color of the body and making the overall appearance of the guitar more attractive. My brother-in-law ended up with this one EDIT: He didn't think much of it.