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Are kina grannis and david choi dating

Digging deeper and further looking into the realm of indie music, we can discover more Asian American artists such as Bambu, Blue Scholars, Run River North, and Rocky Rivera, each with their own impressively large fanbase.Part of what may contribute to the small presence is that American pop culture is used to catering to stereotypical depictions of Asians whether directly or indirectly.If you’re just starting out, you just gotta believe in yourself.Sam: I think that the thing that counteracts that (times ten) is a positive comment.We saw some stuff on there but it was mostly videos of people’s pets or simple videos of someone playing the piano or a guitar.We loved music so we thought we’d be able to do great stuff that we love so we tried posting up videos on You Tube.Q: Your fellow You Tuber, David Choi, was just here a few months ago and we mentioned you guys, and he said you guys were good at what you do.

So small in fact that it wasn’t until 2010 where Far*East Movement’s single “Like a G6” made it to the As we’ve seen with You Tube that there actually are Asian Americans out there who produce visual content such as Wong Fu Productions, Ryan Higa, Freddie Wong, and Anna Akana, there are also Asian Americans who are producing music that have accrued the same amount of success and following such as Kina Grannis, David Choi, Arden Cho, and Jason Chen.That..hopefully can give you the strength to ignore however many hate comments you get because something you did made someone else happy. The presence of Asian Americans in mainstream music is very miniscule.Sam: Well actually, David Choi is one of them because when we were just starting up, he has been at it for a while.He was the guy who was one of the most subscribed to musicians on You Tube. We love Kina Grannis and we were lucky enough to have been able to work with her a lot because she’s super talented.

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Image and marketability are factors into why there are so little Asian American musicians in the mainstream. The majority of Americans usually look at Asian Americans as the “model minority” or “inherently foreign”.

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