Antique cloth dating do the dating sites work

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Antique cloth dating

Consider hiring a professional appraiser if you are still uncertain about identifying the figurine.

An expert in Japanese antiques will be able to help identify and and assess the piece.

Examine the figurine to see what it represents: for example, a samurai, a farmer, a geisha, or an animal. A larger ivory, wood or bronze piece is likely to be an okimono. Older porcelain and ivory figurines (before 1891) will be marked with the Japanese characters of the maker's name.

From 1891 to 1921 the mark "Nippon" was used for export pieces.

It has some detail in the back as well as the spools on the legs.

The chairs were designed to comfortably support the body.

They are usually made of molded plastic and have very modern looking forms.

The chair is always bigger than child-size but smaller than a full size rocker would be.

The lack of arms allowed the lady of the house to easily nurse and infant or sew a shirt while she rocked.

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You can easily identify this style by the raised design of the wood on the back.