Anaheim california dating in molecular dating and biogeography of fig pollinating wasps

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Klan members were Protestants, as were the majority of their opponents; however, the opposition to the Klan also included many Catholic Germans.Individuals who joined the Klan had earlier demonstrated a much higher rate of voting and civic activism than did their opponents, and many of the individuals in Orange County who joined the Klan did so out of a sense of civic activism.Other crops – walnuts, lemons and oranges – soon filled the void.Fruits and vegetables had become viable cash crops when the Los Angeles – Orange County region was connected to the continental railroad network in 1887.Ben Baxter and other landowners helped to make Anaheim a thriving rural community before Disneyland changed the city forever.

He was not only successful, he helped other landowners and businesspeople succeed as well.

At the time, the KKK had about 1200 members in Orange County.

The economic and occupational profile of the pro and anti-Klan groups shows the two were similar and about equally prosperous.

Downtown Anaheim has three mixed-use historic districts, the largest of which is the Anaheim Colony.

South of downtown, a center of commercial activity of regional importance begins, the Anaheim–Santa Ana edge city, which stretches east and south into the cities of Orange, Santa Ana and Garden Grove.

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Anaheim remained largely an agricultural community until Disneyland opened in 1955.