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The HBO series, which would go on to win 11 Emmy nominations, followed the story of a group of US Marines during the early part of the Iraq War.

His mother was My Skarsgård, a physician, while his father is actor Stellan Skarsgård.

Gender bias in the film industry is something Alexander has taken a firm stance on in recent years. Alexander credits his pro-feminist stance on his Swedish routes, telling Elle that in term of equal rights between the genders, Sweden is leaps and bounds ahead of many other countries.

“There is a double standard [in the film industry]. For most players in the entertainment industry, an active social media presence is a vital ingredient in getting, keeping, and increasing their fan-base…

Kong, and a few famous ex-girlfriends for good measure, the talented Swede just seems to go from strength to strength.

Find out more about the rising star with these 20 fast facts.

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