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Air dating introduction

Most females return to nest on the beach where they were born (natal beach). Most females nest at least twice during each mating season; some may nest up to ten times in a season.Nesting seasons occur at different times around the world. A female will not nest in consecutive years, typically skipping one or two years before returning.After decades of studying sea turtles, much has been learned. Sea turtles have long fascinated people and have figured prominently in the mythology and folklore of many cultures.In the Miskito Cays off the eastern coast of Nicaragua, the story of a kind “Turtle Mother,” still lingers.Sea turtles are large, air-breathing reptiles that inhabit tropical and subtropical seas throughout the world.

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Unfortunately, the spiritual significance of sea turtles has not saved them from being exploited for both food and for profit.

Millions of sea turtles once roamed the earth’s oceans, but now only a fraction remain. Only females come ashore to nest; males rarely return to land after crawling into the sea as hatchlings.

Nesting, Incubation and Emergence Researchers do not yet know how long baby turtles spend in the open sea, or exactly where they go.

It is theorized that they spend their earliest, most vulnerable years floating around the sea in giant beds of sargasso weeds, where they do little more than eat and grow.

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Sea turtles do not have teeth, but their jaws have modified “beaks” suited to their particular diet.