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Aids dating site

Dating an HIV positive person can result in a lot of resistance from others and become quite the struggle for you as a result.

It was this input from our members we used to build a contact site taking care of this aspect for you.

Because we greatly value privacy and integrity, outsiders will not be able to view members profiles.

You will only be able to view other profiles as a member when you’ve completely filled out your own profile.

HIV plus Dating is the contact site when it comes to HIV dating.

We are an international contact site for HIV singles.

With thousands of members, you’re bound to find the right person for you.

Please share your story with us as well, it will be greatly appreciated. You can give an indication of what you’re looking for and describe your personality in the free textbox.

A safe haven where people with HIV could find eachother.

Fun fact: To this day, Alex still uses HIV plus Dating and as a member you can get in touch with him.

Register for free and start flirting or making contact.

The desire to love and be loved is inherent in each of us. They may even be more than the others, they need attention and care, a feeling next to a soul mate who will understand everything, will not judge and will always be there.

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