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Sometimes you just know it’s not the right group to expose your opinions.

That’s just a fancy word for “I’m a fence-sitter.”The technical meaning of an agnostic is a person who does not have a definite belief about whether God exists or not.I have a strong moral compass and deep empathy for others. I have a deep respect for nature and I believe in social justice and equality.I’m in wonder of the universe around me and the human spirit. And you guessed right- if I am skeptical that God exists, then I don’t believe in evil, the devil, hell, heaven or the afterlife.So, I have enrolled my children in Christian preschools because I know they need to be exposed to religion from someone who is authentic to teach it.We attend church on Christmas and discuss the meaning of Easter.

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Did you know there are Facebook pages, support groups, meetup groups, and even a dating service for agnostic/atheist folks? Here’s the cliff note version: I am moral, kind and giving person.