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Advantages consolidating schools

Though the report focuses specifically on consolidation outcomes in West Virginia, the lessons learned are a warning to any state that has pursued or is considering pursuing consolidation as an education policy.

Read online Get PDF File Small Size, Big Results: Nebraska This research, funded in part by the Rural Trust, finds that small schools measure up very well against their big neighbors when the cost of schooling is measured as the cost per graduate.

Read online National Study Links Small Schools and Higher Achievement A major study by rural education researchers Craig and Aimee Howley addresses the vexing problem of how individual students of various income levels fare in larger and smaller schools nationwide.Their conclusion: investing tax dollars in small schools makes good economic sense.Read online Get PDF File Closing Costs: A Summary of an Award Winning Look at School Consolidation in West Virginia, a State Where It Has Been Tried Aggressively Few states have pursued consolidation of rural schools more aggressively than West Virginia.Last Updated: February 16, 2011 Are you a citizen activist facing the threat of school closure or consolidation?As you address proposed consolidation on a local or state level, your most potent weapon is good information.

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Consolidation of Schools and Districts: What the Research Says and What It Means Has the time for consolidation come and gone?

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