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Posted by / 20-Feb-2020 03:18

2 Achieving reproductive and sexual health requires more than preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, it includes developing the ability to form and maintain meaningful relationships with others and with one’s own body.

Psychological, social, educational, environmental, and economic factors, among others, all play a role.

1 During adolescence, the body undergoes significant developmental changes, most notably puberty, the bodily changes of sexual maturation, and the formation of sexual identity. Adolescent Pregnancy and Childbearing: Levels and Trends in Developed Countries.

But the obvious cost is that these general findings don’t apply to everyone.

In a recent paper, my colleagues and I argue that this needs to change.

Many neuroscience studies have now established that there are significant changes happening in the brain in adolescence.

And the things that teenagers are often derided for – like their risk taking and vulnerability to peer pressure – are actually rooted in changes occurring in the brain.

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