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To help keep your online safety levels up to snuff, we asked Pash, along with social media strategist Jamie Ginsberg of Sonic All, for helpful suggestions.Read on to get their valuable tips for creating a secure social network. Share with Caution You can share pictures and information on your profile, but it's important to take precautions to prevent outsiders from viewing what you post."Why would you want to connect with this person you don't know? "If you can't come up with an answer quickly, then you shouldn't." It's also a good idea to weed out your network once a year."You should only have 10 percent 'fat' in your network—the people you don't know, but want to get to know better," Ginsberg says.

In March of this year, Facebook came under scrutiny for changing its privacy settings, which made many users question the site's safety. "Facebook has a lot of tools in place designed to allow you to keep some information private to the public, but available to your closest friends," says Adam Pash, editor-in-chief of the technology site Life Facebook's general settings allow non-friends to view your information.As a general rule, Ginsberg advises allowing "Everybody" to find you in search and to message you, but only "Friends of Friends" should be able to see your pictures and videos.By regularly signing into their network, parents can monitor their young ones' activity.Ginsberg also encourages parents to connect with their kids' friends.

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Your wall and other settings should also be set to "Friends Only." To do this, click "Account" on your profile's homepage, select "Privacy Settings" and tab through the sub-pages to update. Know Your Friends Be selective when accepting friend requests.