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Accomodating ideas

Your dining room should include some seating that will accommodate wheelchairs — including tables that specifically allow enough leg room for wheelchairs — and your host should be trained to pair groups who have mobility issues with that seating.

Consider installing sound dampeners to better control the noise levels in your dining room.Restaurant accessibility doesn’t end with mobility. Struggles with hearing and sight can ruin a dining experience, too.While they are an investment, ordering a small amount of braille menus for when you have blind guests can make a big difference for that table.If you absolutely can’t install an elevator, make sure your host knows to seat guests with disabilities at a table on the ground floor. These animals are legally allowed in restaurants, but must stay with their handler at all times (including when going to the restroom).You and your staff are allowed to confirm with the guest that the dog is a service animal and what its tasks are.

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