Accommodating intraocular lenses for cataract surgery teen storie about dating

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Accommodating intraocular lenses for cataract surgery

The overall level of funding for ophthalmology in Gloucestershire has not been reduced, but the available money needs to cover all aspects of eye care.With a fixed budget, the Primary Care Trust has to decide where best to spend the available funds.As the lens has a fixed focus and cannot zoom in and out you will normally also need to continue to use reading glasses.These lenses do not cause halos or ghosting and help maximise contrast sensitivity, (the ability to see in dim light).Your local choices are between Cheltenham General, Tewkesbury and Tetbury.Your GP will have access to all appropriate services across the country via the Choose and Book system and can advise you on which services best meet your needs.

As soon as your cataracts start to cause symptoms you should visit your Optometrist, GP or Ophthalmologist.

If very nervous but otherwise healthy you can also choose to have a full general anaesthetic. To have both eyes operated on in quick succession maximises your post operative vision.

As a private patient you choose when you want your surgery. In the UK most eye surgeons have done 500 to 1000 cataracts by the time they become a consultant, and then do 300 to 500 per year.

Any threat to your ability to drive or read would make you eligible for surgery.

A patient with early symptoms of cataract but who can still read and drive may have to wait longer.

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They should then be able to provide you with their latest data for outcome and complication rates.