21 dating 16 ohio bedford dating

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21 dating 16 ohio

Even if the teen is in the relationship 100% willingly, and even if it was instigated by the teen, the adult has FAR more power than the teen.A successful romantic, and especially sexual, relationship needs to have both partners on equal footing.I have been hearing this and that about us getting in trouble and not getting in trouble.Obviously you don't live in OHIO so therefor this question shouldn't CONCERN you! And if you go into jail, do you think you can bring the baby there?Some behavior that is annoying, but understandable coming from a 15 yr old boy/girl, can be COMPLETELY out of line coming from a 21 yr old man/woman.Many things that result in grounding, restricted curfew, and detention at 15, will often incur a jail sentence after 18.Every grown person I’ve run into that was interested in teenagers, has been someone dysfunctional enough no one their own age would touch them, so they have to go for someone too young and naive to know any better.Someone they can groom to think their dysfunctions are normal.

My question is now that he is 16 and I am 19 and just became pregnant with his child but the child was conceived after he turned 16.I suppose the only reason you're concerned is because a lot changes in the four years from 17 to 21, but as you say she is a student nurse so she's not a little girl.And it's not like your a scary old man either, 21 isn't far away from a 17 year old. The teen is going to be just as much at the mercy of their lover as they are to their parents, MASSIVE imbalance of power there.A 15 yr old has very little frame of reference when it comes to what is acceptable, and what is a huge red flag in an adult relationship.

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