2016 dating love and marriage site saudi arabia Sexy adult chat with stangers

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2016 dating love and marriage site saudi arabia

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When they know how difficult it is to find someone, and you come along with a solution that can make a difference in their life, I think it’s appreciated. In some Middle Eastern countries dating sites are blocked. Before I built this app I spoke to very trusted religious people close to me – imams. Just as long as it’s being used in a way that is not nefarious I think they will support it.

Because they also see the need – they also live in those communities and understand what young people are going through. Do you think dating sites will gain acceptance in the Middle East, given some see them as haram (forbidden in Islam)?

But unlike Tinder, Salaam Swipe allows people to specify whether they are liberal, moderate, or conservative – as well as being Sunni, Shia or “just Muslim” – and filter their potential matches by the same criteria.

The app’s creator told Al Arabiya News how Salaam Swipe is different to the raft of other Muslim matchmaking sites – and why he thinks it will be an attractive proposition for Arab singles. We have a lot of gender segregation; we have the Bangladeshi community, the Pakistani community, all the different Arab communities, the Iranian community.

There are divisions on sectarian lines – Sunni and Shia. So what I wanted to do was make it easier for young Muslims to be able to meet, to interact, and to find someone to marry. And is this app intended for people looking to marry – or just for sex or a casual fling? The thing that we have [in common] with Tinder is the swiping.

Jessa – who studied Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science and previously worked in Canadian politics – said he launched the app because of the difficulty people had in meeting like-minded Muslims in his own community. And so that makes it really hard for young people to meet each other, especially meeting each other serendipitously, in the way you meet everyone else,” he said.

“I made this [app] because we all live it.” Salaam Swipe officially went live in August, and the bulk of its “thousands” of members are in Canada and the U. It is available to download for free from the Apple App Store in the Middle East, with an official launch in this region in the pipeline over the next year, along with an Arabic-language version. One of the things I noticed about my community [in Canada] is that it’s much easier to meet someone outside of our community than inside it.

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